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LG Business Display Solutions Get Australian Debut at Oz Connect Showcase

The LG B2B Display Technology Includes Flexible Curved OLED Walls, Transparent OLED Displays and LCD Connected Touch Displays


11 July 2019

LG Electronics (LG) today revealed its newest innovative business display solutions for the Australian market to partners and customers at The Australian National Maritime Museum. 

From Transparent OLED and LED signage, Open Frame OLED displays, to a 130-inch All-in-one LED Screen with surface sound, LG Oz Connect is the first and largest commercial display showcase to be staged by the company in Australia.

More than 200 partners and customers are expected to attend the event in Sydney during the 3rd and 4th of July 2019, which also features industry experts and some of the most innovative commercial display solutions that LG has to offer.

Included at the event is the LG Flexible Curved OLED exhibit that offers a unique, immersive installation of commercial OLED displays. Flexible Curved OLED displays enable a completely new approach for innovative and flexible digital signage designs. With no separate light source, the displays are extremely thin and lightweight, and flexible enough to be bent and angled at the installation site.

LG Australia will be showcasing its newest Transparent LG OLED display, ahead of its local release for the retail and hospitality industries. The versatile 55-inch class display (model 55EW5F) delivers LG OLED’s impressive picture quality, meaning customers will be able to view video on the screen and simultaneously see objects behind the screen.

The LG 130-inch All-in-one LED Screen will be on display, showing how it can transform a smart room environment. It delivers superb picture quality, supported by HDR10, to present accurate and vivid colours to viewers, whilst also captivating them with Surface Sound driven by 36 embedded sound units.

“Oz Connect marks the most diverse range of digital display products we’ve brought under one roof in Australia and we’re delighted to be able to share them with so many customers and partners,” said Russ Prendergast, Marketing Manager for Commercial Displays at LG Electronics Australia

“Digital displays have become a critical component for all kinds of businesses, however the way in which we’re looking to interact with visual tools is changing. The innovative B2B technologies that we’re showcasing today open up creative new opportunities for the way we display communications visually and digitally.”

Key speakers from some of Australia’s best-known organisations will join the Oz Connect event to discuss the opportunities and challenges in using digital commercial displays in new ways. Speakers include Lukas Carruthers, Digital Experience Lead, Cisco Systems Australia and Brendan Cook, Chief Executive Officer, oOh!media.

Other technologies to be displayed at Oz Connect this year include:

Ultra-narrow-bezel 55-inch displays that can be combined to create one powerful and impactful video wall. With even bezels measuring 0.44 mm, these displays (model 55SVH7E) create a virtually seamless screen that more closely resembles one continuous image as opposed to a collection of segmented panels.

New Interactive Digital Boards for the education market, including the Android version 8.0 touch model (model 86TR3BF) in 86-inch screen sizes.

For the first time in Australia LG will be showing a new transparent colour LED film which can turn a window into a transparent display. The self-adhering film lets users overlay see-through content. Content appears in a range of 1.7 million colours, with approximately 120 levels of grayscale. The brightness is honed for indoor and nighttime use and 73% transparency ensures that ambient or directed light passes through unimpeded. The opposite side of the window is easily visible. When the display is off, its presence on glass is unnoticeable.


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