studio technologies model 374 dante talkback beltpack device



16 June 2016

studio technologies model 374 dante talkback beltpack device

Utilitarian Dante-enabled devices are popping up like mushrooms these days. The Model 374 from Studio Technologies is one such device — a portable four-channel intercom box that incorporates Dante to support a wide range of applications from sports to broadcast to corporate and government AV installations. It features four independent talk and listen channels, configurable button operating modes, flexible routing options, and Power-over-Ethernet capability. Audio quality doesn’t suffer — you get wide dynamic range pres, a compressor, and a 24-bit, 48k ADC.

“With four independent talk and listen channels, the Model 374 bridges the gap between typical single- and dual-channel party-line devices, and permanently installed multi-channel intercom panels,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Imagine the application possibilities — four channels of high-quality intercom in a compact, rugged, user-worn package. With the audio quality and flexibility that Dante provides, a new intercom experience is now possible. Globally, Dante’s acceptance and deployment is growing rapidly and Studio Technologies is excited to participate in this significant technology uptake.”

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