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17 June 2016

extron sharelink ios mirroringExtron has introduced mirroring for iOS devices to the ShareLink 250 Series Wireless Collaboration Gateway. The new feature lets you wirelessly display the entire screen of your iPad or iPhone through the ShareLink wireless collaboration gateway. A firmware update will allow any new or existing ShareLink 250 W, ShareLink 200, or ShareLink 200 N to support iOS mirroring. Connections are easily made by selecting the ShareLink gateway from the list of AirPlay devices on the user’s iPad or iPhone Control Centre using the iOS interface.

“With the addition of iOS mirroring capability, the ShareLink 250 Series makes it even easier to deploy the features users want in a collaborative classroom or meeting environment,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “Now iPhone and iPad users can instantly connect to the main display to share their screen.”

In addition to iOS mirroring, the ShareLink 250 Series enables anyone to present content from a personal device. ShareLink technology enables simultaneous presentation of content from up to four different personal devices. Designed for professional AV applications, this wireless gateway also includes collaboration and moderator modes, WebShare technology, Power over Ethernet — PoE, and front-mounted antennas. The ShareLink 250 Series consists of the ShareLink 250 W collaboration gateway with integrated wireless access point — WAP and for applications that do not require a wireless access point, the ShareLink 200 N model is available and uses a facility’s existing wireless network.

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Extron: www.extron.com.au


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