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NewTek NC2 Studio I/O Module

NewTek Announces Powerful NC2 Studio I/O Module, Uniting 12G-SDI, NDI 5 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet for AV over IP.


2 September 2021

NewTek announces the NewTek NC2 Studio Input/Output Module, delivering connectivity solutions for both media production professionals and broadcasters.

Supporting 12G-SDI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, the NC2 Studio I/O Module breaks down barriers to visual storytelling by uniting SDI equipment and infrastructure with the flexibility of IP networks. The turnkey design of the NC2 Studio I/O Module offers up to 8 channels of dynamic I/O, including media file playback and recording in a 1 RU chassis – all underpinned by its connectivity with NDI 5.

The all-new module is for more than conversion of source types, as it connects multiple video and audio formats, including NDI, SDI, and other IP formats. The NC2 Studio I/O Module also provides a unified interface including selectable multi-viewers and professional video scopes. This offers users greater control of their signals through built-in colour correction. The feature set makes the module a perfect drop-in solution for interconnecting video signal types with a complement of audio formats, creating adaptable workflows through Dante, AES-67, and ASIO/WDM software audio drivers. Management of each channel can be harnessed locally through integrated NDI KVM technology, or a web-based API.

“Connectivity is a central function of any production and we’ve witnessed an increased demand from customers looking to use 12G-SDI based devices in combination with NDI based infrastructure,” said Will Waters, head of product management at NewTek. “To meet this need the NC2 Studio I/O Module gives producers and broadcasters power in managing their signals. The increased bandwidth capabilities of both SDI and network components combined with NDI makes the NC2 Studio I/O Module the perfect vehicle to integrate many source types to the flexibility of IP video production.”

This new edition offers a module optimised to work with all the latest features of NDI 5. NDI 5 makes it possible to connect to any device anywhere in the world. Combined with the NC2 Studio I/O Module, a bright future is in sight for producers seeking to expand their productions. The union removes the restrictions of productions bound to their physical location by offering efficient, secure, and reliable workflows on a global scale.

NewTek NC2 Studio I/O Module is available now and is priced at $11,995 USMSRP – International pricing may vary.

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