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Q-SYS platform expanders from QSC.


7 July 2022

A set of four network input and output expanders for the Q-SYS DSP platform has been launched by QSC. The quarter rack space QIO units are simple and scalable and feature mic/line analogue in and out units as well as a logic in/out version. The range expands the I/O customisation possibilities of the newer Q-SYS Core processors, like Core Nano, Core 8 Flex and NV-32-H (Core Capable), that have a lower onboard I/O count. All models feature a compact form factor that can be rack — or surface-mounted either near the Q-SYS processor or remotely.

Audio I/O models feature professional mic/line level inputs with +48 VDC phantom power and/or line outputs to ensure high performance and compatibility, along with microphone detection on inputs to enable monitoring, usage statistics and failure notifications.

The four units launching and available now are QIO-ML4i with four mic/line inputs, QIO-L4o with four line outputs, QIO-ML2x2 with two mic/line inputs and two line outputs and QIO-GP8x8 with eight logic inputs and eight logic outputs and designed for systems needing to interface with occupancy sensors, push buttons, LED indicators, buzzers and more.

With the QIO Series, integrators can daisy-chain up to four QIO devices on a single network run — with local daisy-chained DC power — to consume fewer network ports, avoid rack clutter and easily expand I/O in the future. Alternatively, the QIO Series are PoE capable providing simple, single cable connectivity when devices are not daisy-chained.

All models are available in Australia immediately.

QIO-ML4i: AU$1,349
QIO-L4o: AU$1,049
QIO-ML2x2: AU$1,249
QIO-GP8x8: AU$849

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