tvone coriographer v2.2



4 May 2016

tvone coriographer v2.2

CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini v2.2 has been released — the latest update that gives the video wall design software more flexibility and capability.

New features like ‘immediate mode’ have been added, which allow edge-blending and video monitor placement to occur in real-time rather than clicking ‘take’ after each adjustment. The inclusion of new test generator patterns help with system configuration and Ease In & Ease Out, making transitions smoother. Further improvements come by way of seamless controls for networking, dithering, Undo & Redo, along with bug fixes.

All upgrades include:

  • Undo Configuration changes/settings in Wall Editor.
  • Redo Configuration changes/settings in Wall Editor.
  • Support Undo and Redo in Edge Blend Mode.
  • Undo and Redo Wall Editor Selection as part of the Revision History.
  • Wall Editor Immediate Mode sends changed values to the Device without pressing Take.
  • Prompt for Take when entering Immediate Mode as there might be unsent changes.
  • Change Window Snapping to snap to Display Viewable area only.
  • Test Pattern – Global on and off option.
  • Vertical Lines, Horizontal Lines, Bars n Ramps, and Solid Colors, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, White    
  • Added Network Settings view in settings tab
  • Input Cropping via Window Properties Pane.
  • When Logging in – New prompts for Read, Send, or Just Connect to the Device.
  • Change and View Ethernet Network Settings via Settings Page.
  • FW/CG – Allow saving of System Settings independently to the Live Configuration.
  • Dithering: Add On/Off option to all Inputs.
  • Global Ease In/Out for transitions via General Settings.

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