7 May 2015


KV2 Audio is always prepared to tread a path less travelled to deliver something it believes sounds superior. So when it releases a range of passive install boxes, it doesn’t induce the yawns you might normally assume. KV2 Audio started by re-looking at the design of the passive crossover network to achieve the best possible sound quality. Drawing on its experience in active technology, KV2 Audio developed an analogue delay line circuit that would provide time alignment and phase correction passively, substantially improving clarity and definition. Combined with its Active Impedance Control, KV2 is well-pleased with the results. ESD comprises a variety of models each with a tailored frequency response and sensitivity so they would compliment each other when installed in a venue with little or no outboard control. While matching frequency response and sensitivity, KV2 also provided varied impedances for the different sized cabinets to suit a variety of applications.

More info

KV2 Audio: www.kv2audio.com/products/esd-series.html

Australian distribution: KV2 Audio Asia Pacific (02) 43884152 or www.kv2audio.com.au


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