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KV2 Audio Reinforces ESD Range

Compact new ESD8 added to passive speaker options.


15 December 2022

The ESD range of two-way and three-way passive loudspeakers from KV2 offers a wide variety of loudspeaker solutions ranging from the ultra-compact ESD Cube. These are ideal for peripheral reinforcement in bars, theatres, clubs, houses of worship, museums etc., right through to the powerful ESD15 and ESD36. 

ESD15 is capable of acting as a standalone PA/monitor system due to its excellent bass response, while the ESD36 has found favour with AV rental, theatre and production companies, and worship markets as a powerful, full-range solution that offers excellent vocal intelligibility in a compact format.

KV2 is pleased to extend the range with the addition of the ESD8, which slots neatly into the range between the existing ESD6 and ESD10. As its name suggests, the ESD8 is a compact and passive 2-way, high output, full-range loudspeaker that incorporates an 8-inch trans-coil woofer and a 1-inch compression driver, coupled to a wide dispersion horn.

As with the rest of the range, the ESD8 is presented in a low-profile Baltic birch enclosure, and is designed to present exceptional speech and music definition. It provides a smooth, high-fidelity response, and delivers a natural level and sound quality that is superior to many larger competing products.

Ideal as a main system speaker or as an in-fill for larger systems, the flexible ESD8 can be applied quickly and efficiently on podiums, stands, or suspended. Applications range from corporate presentations and functions to infill, close monitoring, or installation. Combined with subwoofers — of which there are four to choose from in the ESD range — the ESD8 offers high quality, full range performance.

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Issue 25