12 May 2015


QSC has added DSP to its popular GX Series amplifiers.  Originally designed as portable amplifiers for musicians and PA operators, GX Series also found a home in plenty of installations.  Now, with the addition of DSP facilities, GX is even better equipped as an entertainment and installation solution.

Housed in a 2U rackmount configuration, both GXD models feature class-D power devices for high output in a lightweight chassis design.  DSP processing includes high- and low-pass filters (24dB LR), four-band parametric equaliser, signal alignment delay, and RMS/peak speaker protection limiting.  To allow users to get up and running quickly, 20 preset ‘starting points’ for selected typical systems are provided.

The GXD amplifier’s digital limiter prevents destructive clipping which can damage loudspeaker components while still delivering the maximum usable output.  Smart loudspeaker protection is set by selecting the loudspeaker’s continuous power and impedance (4Ω and 8Ω), and either a Mild, Medium or Aggressive protection mode as desired.

The amplifier front panel includes a power switch, four status indicators, and a large LCD screen that provides metering and status monitoring.  Combined with two rotary encoders and three menu buttons, users have complete control of amplifier gain and DSP parameters.

With a solid 400W/ch at 8Ω (600W/ch at 4Ω), the GXD4 delivers a max total peak power of 1600W, while the GXD8 delivers a robust 800W/ch at 8Ω (1200W/ch at 4Ω) with a max total peak power of 4500W.

Pricing: GXD4 AUD$1099 and GXD8 AUD$1799 

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