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QSC Q-SYS, Meet Google Meet

Q-SYS Control is the first integrated audio, video, and control solution certified for the Google Meet hardware ecosystem


22 March 2022

The new QSC Q-SYS Control solution is announced for Google Meet. Integrators and IT end users can now take advantage of the Q-SYS Control engine to deliver Q-SYS user control interface (UCI) on Google Meet-supported controller consoles with the new third-party control integration. In addition, Google Cloud has certified Q-SYS video capabilities and Google Meet will now support the integration of multiple Q-SYS conference cameras, with automatic switching capabilities.

“Technologies that provide collaboration equality in the hybrid workplace are incredibly important to how teams work today,” says Dave Citron, Director of Product for Google Meet. “We’re pleased to have the QSC in-room control capabilities available on Google Meet so customers have access to the tools they need to connect and collaborate, regardless of their location.”

These new video and control capabilities come in addition to existing audio support that Q-SYS provides for Google Meet, which allows integrators and IT end users to utilise a Q-SYS Core or USB bridging endpoint for audio processing and choose from a portfolio of Q-SYS amplifiers, network I/O devices, and QSC loudspeakers. The Q-SYS Ecosystem of third-party solutions also works seamlessly with Q-SYS to enable an improved experience for customers collaborating from anywhere.

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Issue 25