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14 June 2016

kramer av

Kramer has recently put focus on adjusting its strategic direction to suit the pro AV industry’s market shift toward AV-over-IP. This has resulted in new approaches in the company’s operations, including innovative software solutions combined with advanced hardware and cloud technologies. Together, Kramer says these three building blocks epitomise its strategic shift towards new markets.

“These are exciting times for Kramer. The pro AV industry is converging, and we are getting ready to take the lead and deliver technology innovations together with a powerful and focused brand strategy” said David Margolin, Director of Corporate Marketing at Kramer. “Over the past few years, we have developed a multitude of high-value applications and solutions incorporating the strategy’s new building blocks, enabling us to target end-users,” he added.

Kramer will begin to implement its new branding approach worldwide in the coming months.

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