allen & heath director v1.2 firmware update



15 June 2016

allen & heath director v1.2 firmware update

One of the things you get with the Allen & Heath’s new v1.2 firmware update for dLive is Director — a multi-platform editor and control software for Mac or Windows that lets you prepare the show offline and then mix the performance from your laptop or Windows tablet. Director can be used with or without an actual surface, e.g. with MixRack as part of a compact, surface-less system. The interface mirrors the physical surface layout.

“Director opens up so many possibilities for dLive”, explains product manager, Nicola Beretta. “Engineers can set up or tweak settings on the tour bus, and the ability to carry out different tasks at the same time means one engineer can run the FoH soundcheck from the Surface while another dials in the monitor mixes using a laptop or tablet on stage. Or for the ultimate in compact touring, a dLive MixRack and a laptop running Director is perfect for fly-in dates and space-starved venues where there’s no room for a Surface.”

V1.2 firmware also adds preamp modelling to the dLive’s DEEP Processing plug-in suite. The preamp models are designed to recreate the distortion characteristics of triode and pentode valve circuits and are available to all of the 128 input channels without adding any latency.

Other additions to the new firmware release include a surround sound 5.1 Main mode, plus eight dedicated Mute Groups on top of the 24 DCA Groups. Multiple PAFL busses can now be configured when two or more operators are sharing the same dLive system, and you can now define Attack and Release meter damping with Peak Hold.

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