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3 April 2014

Kramer Processor


Kramer Electronics has announced the PT-1C EDID Processor. The PT-1C draws its power from the HDMI cable and is housed in a compact Kramer Pico-Tools enclosure.  The key to its versatility are the four DIP-switches located on the back panel. One of the DIP-switches on the PT-1C turns HDCP on or off.  When placed immediately downstream from a Mac with the HDCP off, the Mac outputs a non-encrypted signal that solves issues with Apple’s implementation of HDCP. Another DIP-switch on the PT-1C limits colour depth.  In situations where bandwidth on certain legacy equipment does not support Deep Colour, the PT-1C can be used to ensure that only 8-bit colour is passed. The audio DIP-switch provides a means for limiting the output of an upstream device to 2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation). Finally, the EDID lock switch allows the user to lock in the EDID from the connected display or other displays/EDID sources.

Australian Distributor: Kramer Electronics Australia (07) 3806 4290 or www.krameraustralia.com.au


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