1 February 2019

Extron Electronics announces the SB 33 A Adjustable Width Sound Bar, uniquely designed to enhance the audio experience in collaboration spaces. With its exclusive adjustable width design, the new sound bar can be customised to precisely match the size of the display, offering high performance audio reinforcement that looks great in any space. Offering high performance sound and professional install features, the SB 33 A accommodates most USB webcams, while options are available to mount a PTZ camera or have no camera at all.

With an Energy Star qualified amplifier and carefully optimised drivers, the SB 33 A is well suited for small to medium size spaces that require exceptional speech intelligibility and high quality program audio. A variety of mounting and camera options are available, providing an adaptable audio solution for today’s collaboration environments.

“Based on extensive industry feedback, we designed this new sound bar to specifically meet the needs of commercial environments.” Says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Extron. “This sound bar uniquely sizes to the display, installs quickly, and provides flexible options that let system designers customise it for a range of collaboration spaces.”

The SB 33 A has four size versions to choose from, each with a nine-inch range of adjustment to create a custom look for displays from 46-inch to 80-inch.

Extron: www.extron.com.au


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