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Learning With Extron At UWE

Presentation switchers & NAV Pro AVoIP systems enable law enforcement collaborative learning.


4 November 2022

The University of the West of England — UWE in Bristol recently expanded their law enforcement education offerings for the Avon, Somerset, and Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship programs. To support this growth, UWE added specialised learning spaces across three floors of a campus building. 

The AV systems meet the university’s exacting standards for performance and efficiency, as well as support of the school’s technology-enabled active learning — the ‘TEAL’ methodology. The learning spaces include collaborative classrooms, police interrogation rooms, and configurable rooms for forensic studies. Sources consist of computers, BYOD connectivity, and feeds from a myriad of PTZ cameras and microphones. 

System control is intuitive. Each AV system supports remote access, and the installation provides two-way communication among the rooms. Extron products facilitate AV switching and control, and the NAV Pro AVoIP system enables interconnectivity among the various learning spaces.

“The AV installation for our Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship programs is a shining example of what can be achieved when AV designers coordinate with architects, electrical engineers, and the contractor,” says James Gray, Design Manager at the University of the West of England. “A demanding undertaking at times, but the results speak for themselves.”

In part, GV AV credits the many integration-friendly features and technologies built into the Extron products that allowed installation and system commissioning to be completed within a single month. UWE students find that being able to collaborate within small groups using Extron IN1608 xi seamless switchers while observing and interacting with those in the interview and forensics rooms over the NAV Pro AVoIP system provide a well-rounded experience. The new rooms and AV systems designed for the TEAL teaching methodology are instrumental in helping the students develop their law enforcement skills and techniques. The graduates instinctually apply what they learned at UWE to serve, protect, and respect the communities across the West of England.

University of the West of England:


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Issue 27