Issue 26

Extron Controls 50 Rooms From A Single Device

Launching their Virtual Control Appliance, Extron helps to simplify the setup, scalability, and management of AV systems


18 March 2022

Extron introduces the VCA 100 Virtual Control Appliance with integrated virtual control processors – VCPs. This new virtual control system helps organisations deploy, scale, and manage their AV systems by providing the flexibility of hosting AV control resources in a central location, alongside the resources the organisation’s IT team already manage. The VCA 100 with VCPs, is designed for centralised AV control across the organisation.

AV/IT teams can host up to 50 IPCP Pro xi Series virtual control processors on a single VCA 100. As an organisation expands their AV control system needs, new VCPs can be activated and configured or programmed to accommodate. While an entry level VCA 100 includes 5 VCPs, applying compatible LinkLicenses allows the use of additional VCPs. There are no recurring licensing fees for these LinkLicenses. You can monitor the health and status of deployed virtual control processors using the web-based management console on the VCA 100.

“The product’s capability opens the door to a whole new design architecture for enterprise wide control and automation,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Extron. “This delivers countless benefits as a unified AV/IT solution, such as centralised management of your AV systems and an easily-scalable architecture that is ideal for any size organisation.”

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Issue 26