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10 February 2015

Extron Electronics has announced the settlement of its patent infringement lawsuit against Crestron Electronics. The lawsuit, filed in June 2014, alleged willful infringement of Extron patents related to the company’s Retractor product line. 

Models from Extron’s Retractor cable series.
Models from Extron’s Retractor cable series.

The settlement includes a cash payment to Extron, and a requirement for Crestron to withdraw its prior cable retractor models from the market and fully replace the lineup. The revised Crestron cable retractor uses “a less precise, all-or-nothing mechanism” that eliminates intermediate cable length positions between zero and full extension, according to a statement from Extron, while the Extron Retractor offers variable cable extension.

“We’re pleased to bring this suit to an expedient and positive conclusion,” says Extron CEO and president Andrew Edwards. “Much as any market leader, Extron will vigorously protect our technologies and intellectual property against those who choose to simply copy our designs.”


Source: media release


Extron: www.extron.com

Crestron: www.crestron.com


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