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27 July 2016

etc eos fader wings

In live-programming situations, the job is all about speed. ETC’s Eos family toolkit includes even more hands-on control for fast programming on the fly with the new Eos Motorised Fader Wings that function as modular add-ons to Eos consoles or systems.

The Eos Motorized Fader Wings will be released in conjunction with the Eos v2.4 software, which is geared toward the needs of programmers working in broadcast, music and live-event markets, and other complex gigs. The upcoming software update expands the types of content that can be placed on playbacks and the types of controls and mapping that can be associated with them.

Eos Ti and Gio consoles already include built-in motorised faders that can be used when working on the fly, but the wings are designed for complicated shows that require additional control. Up to three motorised wings may be connected to any compatible console, and they can be mixed and matched with the traditional Universal Fader Wings. The Motorised Fader Wings come in two sizes, with 10 or 20 faders a piece and 100 pages of playbacks. You can also add wings to the Ion desks, Remote Processor Units (RPU) and Remote Video Interfaces (RVI) that run on Windows and OS.

“There was a tremendous response at USITT and especially at Prolight & Sound for a wing that gives people an expanded control surface,” says Anne Valentino, the product manager for the Eos family. “Combined with the new fader controls included in the 2.4 software release, these wings provide a great deal of flexibility and power.”

For smaller venues, touring shows and individual programmers on the go, the Motorised Fader Wing also functions as a physical accessory for portable PC- or Mac-based ETCnomad systems and backstage RVI and RPU control stations.

“The Motorised Fader Wings are part of a line of accessories — including the Eos Programming Wing — that provide a physical control surface for devices without a dedicated face panel” says Valentino. At just over 30cm wide, the 10-fader wing in particular makes an excellent traveling companion, packing hundreds of playbacks into a small footprint that is perfect for carry-ons and cramped tech tables.

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