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14 October 2013

Decimator Design DMON-4S


An Australian company called Decimator Design has come up with a clever and very handy device, the DMON-4S, a combination of four SDI-HDMI converters and a multi function quad-split facility all in one small box. The miniature DMON-4S includes four independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and 4 independent HDMI outputs allowing for a versatile combination of uses. Quad-Split mode offers the selection of audio from any of the inputs. The DMON-4S is a truly portable converter that incorporates a new easy-to-use LCD screen and button control system. This gives easy access to all of the features without using complicated LED/button control, dip switches or having to carry around a computer to change a simple setting. Ability for distance-control via USB on a Windows-based application comes as standard with all Decimator Design products. DMON-4S begins shipping in October 2013. See the full range of converters at www.decimator.com

Australian Distributor: AV Group sales@avgroup.com.au



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