15 October 2013

MA VPU Light


MA Lighting International has introduced the MA VPU light (Video Processing Unit) and relaunched the MA VPU plus and MK2. With the MA VPU light (Video Processing Unit), MA Lighting has developed a compact video control offering nearly the same performance as the MA VPU plus and MA VPU basic. Only 2HU height, the MA VPU light features sophisticated hardware and proven MA software. Furthermore the in-built screen displays all essential information about the status of the MA VPU light. At the same time, MA has enhanced its MA VPU plus and MA VPU basic in comparison to the MA VPU light. All MA VPU will now offer Full-HD (MA VPU plus MK2 6 layers, MA VPU basic MK2 4 layers, MA VPU light 2 layers – which are rendered in parallel). Also MA VPU plus MK2 and MA VPU basic MK2 are now equipped with 3 x DVI-outs instead of two (as with the prior version), while the MA VPU light offers 2 x DVI-outs and 1 x VGA-out. All MA VPU have common features enabling all videos, still images and 3D objects to be scaled, positioned, tiled, coloured and manipulated directly from any grandMA2 console. The workflow is as simple as controlling any other fixture – the MA VPU just has to be added to the network session – no additional parameters are needed since the MA VPU calculate these themselves. All videos can be displayed in up to Full-HD. Furthermore, the internal output synchronization of the MA-Net2 ensures the highest frame and DMX synchronicity. The MA VPU can be programmed via the grandMA2 console in blind and preview modes. Also the MA VPU has a new Single-Layer-Crossfade mode which allows the user to program all content on the same layer. Each MA VPU comes with a pre-installed content library comprising more than 17GB of professional content. More info at www.malighting.com 

Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au


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