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8 September 2014

Most networked amplifiers today specialise in high channel counts for large installations, with amplifiers centralised in densely populated racks to serve global PA systems. To address the need for lower channel count support at the local amplification stage, Stewart Audio has introduced a family of four low-wattage networked amplifiers.


AV25-2 NET+
AV25-2 NET+

The new series brings the benefits of power-efficient digital audio networking to an under-served customer base where consultants, systems integrators, dealers and end users require simple, affordable networked amplifier solutions scaled for smaller zones, the company says. The release provides an affordable and reliable option to the larger, high-wattage amplifiers for high channel counts that permeate the market.

The compact footprint of all four products enables simple installation at endpoints, providing networked amplification to smaller zones – whether for standalone needs in small-to-mid-sized installations or to provide low-power amplification to smaller, distant zones in larger scale projects. Dual inputs in two models (AV25-2 NET+ CVA50-1 NET+) allow customers to serve both local and global PA systems if desired, with the option to target and prioritise pages and other audio events across many zones. This flexibility ensures customers can address larger facility needs while filling the void of local amplification requirements.

“To date, the market has lacked an affordable way to position networked amplifiers at endpoints,” says Stewart Audio chief marketing officer Brian McCormick. “Our new family of compact amplifiers create a cost-efficient way to run CAT5 or CAT6 cable to local zones, allowing our customers to enjoy the benefits of digital audio networking beyond the central infrastructure. These products give our customers a simple and affordable way to address a broad range of low power, low channel count applications without the expense of larger networked amplifiers, or the complexity of architecting custom solutions with bridge devices and analog amplifiers.”

The incorporation of Audinate’s Dante Ultimo technology in all four products specifically addresses the requirement of affordable networking solutions for lower channel counts and lower power consumption.  Compatibility with other Dante-enabled products ensures a seamless, high-performance networking architecture across installations of any size.

Installation is further simplified with Symetrix Composer 2.0 software, which natively integrates device discovery and signal routing through its unique Dante third-party programming environment.  This further reduces complexity for the installer, speeding up deployment and creating a cohesive end-to-end Dante networking solution with local amplification.

The range comprises:

  • AV25-2 NET+: A 2x25W, 4 or 8ohm low impedance amplifier with two analogue and two Dante inputs, and remote and local volume control. Automated port switching can override audio feeds depending on which Dante or analogue feed is set to priority.
  • AV25-2 NET: A digital-only version of the AV25-2 NET+ with two Dante inputs.
  • CVA50-1 NET+: A 50W, 70/100V mono amplifier with one analogue and one Dante input, remote and local volume control, and automated priority port switching to insert local audio feeds over main programs.
  • CVA50-1 NET: A digital-only version of the CVA50-1 NET+ with a single Dante input.

All four compact models can be pole mounted or attached to a flat surface near loudspeakers, and are plenum-rated to reduce the installation costs associated with rack-mounted systems. The 1/3RU design enables simple integration into central equipment racks if desired.

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