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Taxing Times: iMAGsystems Lightning Takes Control


23 January 2018

Australian video-over-IP innovator, iMAGsystems, is making an impact in the region. The Thai government Excise Department in Bangkok has moved into an upgraded command and control space based on iMAGsystems’ Lighting video-over-IP encoders and decoders.

Initially the installation was to be based on a software video wall solution. At the insistence of the AV service provider this decision was reviewed due to substandard experiences related to the software’s reliability — it required updates and regular reboots that interrupted the video wall’s key role in monitoring the collection and control of customs and excise and other import duties.

When approvals arrived for the construction of a new command and control room, authorities were determined to have the most reliable and flexible room possible. After a tender process the department appointed Vichai Trading 1983 as project integrator.


Representatives of Vichai Trading 1983 discussed the project with iMAGsystems Product Support Specialist Chris Smith at the ISE show earlier in 2017. Vichai had previous experience working with compressed video-over-IP systems and felt comfortable specifying the uncompressed, latency-free Lightning product that’s based on the AptoVision BlueRiver chipset.

The versatile video wall takes the output of three PC workstations in the room, along with input from a Wolfvision Cynap wireless collaboration system, a Sony Blu-ray player and an Apple TV, and sends it to the 16-panel video wall via iMAGsystems LZ1501E video-over-IP encoders.

The 4×3 centre section of the video wall takes the output from two iMAGsystems decoders and, via iMAGsystems’ on-the-fly, instantly-reconfigurable video wall and multi-view capabilities, can display a whole host of different viewing profiles. 

The four additional screens flanking either side of the main video wall are each addressed by an iMAGsystems LZ1502D decoder.

Thanks to an elegant AMX control system interface (via an iMAGsystems LZ500DS API bridge), it’s easy to select the source, destination and video wall configuration that best suits the purposes of the three command and control room operators.

iMAGsystems: (03) 8414 2911  or


More than a command and control space, the space can be reconfigured as a teaching theatre at other times.

An operable wall seals off the control room and a Stewart screen drops down for presentation and movie sessions. A 5.1 Cornered Audio sound system and Audio-Technica wireless microphone complete the picture.

An adjoining assembly area with a 16,000-lumen Panasonic projector also takes a video output.

To address the two projectors (in the theatre and in the assembly area), an iMAGsystems’ decoded feed from the video wall, along with two HDMI inputs, go into an Extron DTP Crosspoint matrix. In this way the projectors, thanks to iMAGsystems’ ability to instantly provide a composite multiview source, can display a wide variety of sources — from a full HD video for movie night to a tiled feed of nine or more individual sources in a multi-view configuration. The flexibility of this space is formidable.

“Lightning offers uncompressed, latency-free performance. When you’re in an environment like this where you’re using a keyboard and mouse, that feature is crucial — lag is unworkable,” observes iMAGsystems’ Chris Smith.

“Vichai Trading has an unparalleled reputation in the region for delivering high quality results, often in very complex technical environments,” observed iMAGsystems CEO Gerry Raffaut. “It’s great to partner with Vichai Trading to deliver on a project such as this using Lightning’s unique feature set.”


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