27 September 2016


The Forum is a specialist facility within the Queensland University of Technology designed to host collaborative forums with and between scientists, business and government as well as community workshops, and professional education programs. The 12,000 lumen PT-RZ12K laser projectors selected for The Forum provide immersive and detailed images.

QUT, under leadership by the Visualisation and eResearch group (ViseR), recognised the room’s potential as a high-end visualisation and collaboration space with upgraded projection technology.

QUT embarked on an evaluation of laser projectors, arriving at the Panasonic PT-RZ12K laser projector. Three PT-RZ12Ks, coupled with high-performance graphics computers and an integrated congress microphone system, now provide detailed imaging including three-channel stereoscopic (3D) projections to groups of 20-100 people. The solution was provided by ProAV Solutions QLD.


The combination of 12,000 lumen output and high resolution plus support for 3D makes the projectors ideal for simulation, interactive exhibitions or virtual reality. Panasonic’s PT-RZ12K edge blending feature is designed for easy setup and enables seamless conversion of multiple projected images.

The Cube was recently upgraded with a fleet of PT-RZ670 projectors, and now features four Panasonic PT-RQ13K 4K laser systems.

The Cube occupies two storeys and includes a 14m x 9m wall displaying a blended projection, and 48 multi-touch screens. It is designed to provide an inspiring experience that allows the public, particularly young people, to visualise, experience and explore QUT’s Science and Engineering research.The realism of the images allows environments from underwater landscapes to outer space to be replicated at a real-world scale.


Gavin Winter added: “An ongoing goal of The Cube is to stay an industry leader in digital interactive learning spaces. In museums and galleries today you’ll find 4K or ultra high definition content. Using the four RQ13Ks edge blended on the wall of the Cube we have 8K – this is a real distinction within Australia. This supports better content and more vibrant images, and with 8K the audience experience is now even better.”

The selection of laser projectors is also in line with QUT’s ongoing shift from lamp-based projection to laser technology, reducing ongoing maintenance requirements associated with traditional lamp based projection solutions, where lamp replacements must be scheduled every 2,000 hours. In comparison, Panasonic’s PT-RZ12K projector is designed to be maintenance free for up to 20,000 hours.

More Info:
Panasonic: www.panasonic.com.au


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