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10 March 2016

qsc q-sys coreqsc q-sys core

QSC Q-SYS Core 110f is the latest addition to the Q-SYS lineup of network audio solutions. Built on modern Intel-based technologies and a Linux Real Time Operating System, the new, smaller Core brings powerful yet affordable software based audio processing to the corporate AV market.

Combined with the new TSC-7t table top touchscreen, the Core 110f delivers a seamless collaboration experience in boardrooms, conference rooms, and other corporate spaces.

Offering AV integrators and IT managers alike easy networking integration via Q-LAN, which uses IT standard Layer-3 protocols, the Core 110f can coexist with all other data, use standard Ethernet switches, and with AES67 conformity, provide a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

The Q-SYS Core 110f’s software-based implementation of DSP delivers powerful processing with, for example, on board AEC channels, flexible input/output configuration of analogue audio channels with eight ins, eight outs, and an additional eight which can be either in or out, VoIP and/or POTS telephony connectivity, and Q-LAN networking integration for streaming audio over IP plus device discovery, control, telemetry and audio monitoring.

The TSC-7t can be used as an elegant telephone dialler and/or control a myriad of third-party devices prevalent in boardrooms and meeting rooms — via the Core (no additional components required). By meeting a common BYOD audio need, meeting participants can run UC or web conferencing application on their own devices and easily connect two-way audio from their device to the Q-SYS system using Bluetooth and/or MicroUSB on-the-go connections provided by the TSC-7t.

More Info:
QSC: www.qscs.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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