New VenuePolar Update

The newest release of VenuePolar for IV6 v3.20 makes designing Community IV6 loudspeaker systems even easier.


15 May 2021

Full Automation

The improved VenuePolar plugin included in the IV6 GLL v3.20 allows system designers to achieve full automation of an array configuration when working in EASE Focus 3. This includes automatic array sync of the cabinet models and counts from VenuePolar to the EASE Focus 3 software saving the designer time spent manually moving the configuration over from the plugin into the software.

Re-Optimise Filters

When advanced users want to manually adjust the mechanical array in EASE Focus 3, there is now a re-optimise filters function within the plugin. This new feature returns the best filter settings for the given mechanical array, with any cabinet quantity.

Rigging Calculator Upgrade

New capabilities have been added to the Rigging Safety Calculator found under the Loads tab. The pull back bar now allows designers to safely build bigger arrays in excess of up to 20 cabinets in virtually any configuration. Select the pinpoint for a Single Hang or a Double Hang within the VenuePolar plugin. The EASE Focus 3 report includes rigging information under the loads section.

Updated Bill of Materials

Lastly, a new and improved bill of materials in the report section provides a more streamlined summary of the quantities and types of loudspeakers, splay brackets and other accessories required in each array to simplify the ordering process.

The report also includes a total bill of materials for the project that can be found at the last sound source.

Please note: The new release of VenuePolar is included in the IV6 GLL v3.20 and is only supported by EASE Focus v3.1.14.

Biamp: biamp.com
Australian Distributor: jands.com.au


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