Biamp VenuePolar Update

New VenuePolar for LVH-900 GLL v1.1 includes rigging calculator, allowing system designers to create larger custom arrays.


14 July 2021

All New Rigging Calculator

The rigging calculator helps system designers create arrays using Biamp’s standard rigging hardware while assessing the safety factor in real time. Designers can use single or dual suspension cables for single arrays or the new pull-back bar option for larger arrays.

Redesigned GLL structure

All LVH-900 coverage patterns are now available in a single dropdown box to simplify the design process.

Custom Hardware Mode

This feature allows users to design large outdoor arrays with increased cabinet aiming resolution.

Updated Bill of Materials

For each VenuePolar enabled sound source using standard LVH hardware, the user will find an updated bill of materials and summary for simplified ordering.

Biamp: biamp.com
Australian Distributor: jands.com.au


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