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Lumens Announces Feature-Packed 4K NDI PTZ Camera

VC-A71P-HN simplifies live production with 12G-SDI, full NDI & NDI|HX3 technology.


13 January 2023

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. today announced the industry-leading UltraHD PTZ camera that transmits 4K 60fps over SDI and HDMI and a range of streaming protocols including SRT, high bandwidth NDI and NDI|HX3. Featuring genlock, the FreeD protocol and support for BT.2020 and Rec.709, this is a fully-featured broadcast-quality camera which is designed to meet the needs of producers for years to come.

As one of the first NDI|HX3 products available on the market, VC-A71P-HN delivers low latency video at reduced bandwidth, while maintaining visually lossless 4K image quality. Importantly, the camera can simultaneously output full bandwidth NDI for master recording and display on in-venue screens.

The VC-A71P-HN’s genlock and dual SDI outputs (12G and 3G) means that the unit is ideal for live multi-camera production. It also excels in multi-angle virtual reality production where the camera’s FreeD output delivers real-time positioning data to VR, MR and AR systems.

“This new model is an outstanding performer and is designed for use in any kind of production. Its large sensor, 30x zoom and huge array out outputs means that it can be used in anything from documentary film-making and sports production to shooting conferences and ceremonies. The 5-year warranty comes as standard, giving users the confidence to use the camera for mission critical tasks,” noted Steven Liang, Head of Product Development at Lumens.

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Issue 28