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New Gen Lumens Intelligent PTZ Camera

VC-TR40 & AI deliver a new level of auto-tracking & autoframing experience.


30 November 2022

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. today announced the VC-TR40, a new generation auto-tracking PTZ camera. Featuring a powerful self-learning engine, the model uses artificial intelligence to deliver a new level of subject tracking and auto-framing. Importantly, this enables the camera to operate standalone, and without server-based control software.

VC-TR40 is a dual-camera design. Its lower panoramic camera continuously scans and analyses the whole scene, enabling the device to identify and track multiple targets. The main 1080 60P camera is then directed to frame and track a selected individual, using its whisper-quiet pan and tilt mechanism and 20x optical zoom. The camera can switch to a new subject either via the remote control, the camera’s web interface or by using Lumens’ gesture tracking.

“As the market strides towards automation, auto-tracking is the technology which removes the need for a camera operator while still delivering an excellent video experience. Conference producers, houses of worship and AV teams in education will welcome the leap in reliability that this camera represents, as well as its cost-effectiveness.” Noted Steven Liang, Head of Product Development at Lumens.

While auto-tracking is not new, previous generation systems required an expensive and complex external processing unit or forced the presenter to wear an identifying dongle. Lumens’ system employs artificial intelligence which was trained by analysing more than a million images of human faces and bodies. The result is an uncanny ability to identify and track individuals far more reliably than earlier motion detect systems.

Featuring multiple simultaneous video outputs (HDMI, SDI, IP and USB), plus both DC and Power over Ethernet inputs, the VC-TR40 can be quickly integrated into AV installations, IT networks, video production systems and streaming workflows. The camera can be mounted upright or inverted, making it ideal for ceiling installation in lecture halls.

Advanced settings allow the camera to track within specified zones, to track across all axes or simply to pan left and right. This gives the installer the ability to tailor the camera to each shooting environment.

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