Issue 27



4 September 2018

LOUD Audio has just announced that it has sold the EAW business from its portfolio of Pro Audio and MI businesses to the Italian Pro-Audio company RCF Group. This is the third and final divestiture aimed at allowing LOUD to narrow its focus to the Mackie brand.

“While I have truly enjoyed working with all of the brands in the LOUD legacy, now it’s time for us to turn the page and to be entirely focused on building the Mackie brand”, said Alex Nelson, Mackie’s President. “Our companies have long lived in a conglomeration of brands and I believe going forward all the brands are going to benefit from new found focus, alignment and investment. This last divestiture marks a particularly exciting time for Mackie employees worldwide who are now about to embark on a journey of re-invention and re-vitalisation!”

TJ Smith, President of EAW, added, “Having grown up with the EAW and Mackie brands, I can truly say that this is an exciting moment. Both brands are now in a significantly stronger position to support their unique partners and customers. I look forward to the continued development of Mackie and EAW under new and more focused ownership.”

EAW and LOUD will be working together over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition for all customers, dealers, and distributors.

The RCF press announcement went on to say: “adding EAW to further become an international leader in designing, producing and selling products and systems for professional audio and public address installations.”

“Since their early days, the two companies have been very close with RCF supplying professional drivers to EAW,” says Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group. “Both brands successfully expanded around the world and their histories were often linked. Finally, we can look at a bright future together.

“Even though EAW will remain a totally independent company,” Vicari continues, “being part of our group will provide EAW with the necessary investments and focus for a fast and solid growth. We’re very proud to have EAW with us.”


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Issue 27