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Videri Provides Spark for Educator

Adelaide education institution, Orbis, pioneers use of Videri Spark digital canvas.


7 May 2024

Digital content is so ubiquitous that marketeers and designers are looking for anything to help content pop. Current commercial displays are undoubtedly large, with impressive brightness and vivid colour reproduction but ultimately they mostly present as big TVs. Videri is a specialised digital signage manufacturer and doing things differently.

Videri sells a digital signage system based on a super-slimline display product. There are five in the Spark series including an Insta-friendly square model. Thanks to the Videri control software and CMS the displays can run solo or be nested together in any which way. Using wi-fi and/or 4G to push content, it’s possible to be endlessly creative with how you configure the Spark displays and how the content addresses the screens – no need for additional hardware.

The construction and mounting solution of the Spark displays is ingenious. Power to the display is via one thin cable (not a standard IEC socket) which allows the slimline panel to sit flush to the wall. The displays run Android on a SoC, and content gets pushed wirelessly so there’s no need for separate media player or AV0IP receiver. The look is super-clean, much like a framed poster. The 4K image, upgraded haze and reduced glare contribute to the refined look – Videri bears no resemblance to a glossy TV and attracts the eye as a result.

Videri Spark is designed for creative digital signage display configurations, making the product popular in retail and elsewhere.


A fleet of 20-inch Spark 2 displays from Videri have been installed into the Orbis centre in Adelaide. Orbis provides professional development for teachers. The centre is a technology leader, providing state-of-the-art in-person and hybrid teaching spaces.

IOT-TEK provides technical AV support and consultation for Orbis and specified the displays. The company’s Head of Technology, Troy Edom, was immediately attracted to the aesthetic and image quality of the Videri Spark 2 displays. Aware that Spark 2 is an innovative digital canvas, he was interested in first assessing the display’s capabilities by using them as wayfinders. Each Spark 2 displays the session details of each classroom. The content is pulled from a third-party CMS, which is widely used throughout the organisation – kudos to Daniel Condon who created the custom UI in the Fusion Signage app.

“It’s a beautiful looking display,” notes IOT-TEK’s Troy Edom. “We’re not using the Videri system to its full capacity but no one is complaining – Spark 2 is a stunner.”


Active Display Area: 408.96 x 230.04mm
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FHD
Brightness: 450 nits
Dark Mode: 0.56 nits
Surface Treatment: 25% Haze
Colour Gamut: 72% NTSC
Operation Time: 24/7
Portrait/Tilt Compatibility: yes
Bezel Width: 13.5mm
Thickness: 15.5mm
Weight: 2.25kg
Package Dimensions: 530x400x100mm


Traditional digital signage software often focuses on whether the HDMI port is live and working. Videri’s integrated software lets you see what is playing live on your displays, in real-time. With no physical ports, Videri’s purpose-built hardware only connects to the Videri Software Platform, making the displays less prone to tampering.


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Issue 26