Lab.Gruppen PLM 8K44 SP/BP

Flexible Lake digital signal processing amplifier now shipping.


10 July 2023

The PLM 8K44 is the natural successor of the proven, road tested, and trusted Lab Gruppen touring foundation exemplified by the iconic PLM series, but with an additional new powerful feature set: the ability to rationalise power allocation between channels to optimise performance. The 8000W amplifier has four flexible output channels on binding post connectors or Speakon outputs, Lake digital signal processing and digital audio networking for touring applications.

Now packaged in an extended 4-in, 4-out configuration together with twice the processing power via the latest version 6.3 Lake Controller release, plus industry-standard Dante networking, the PLM 8K44 sets the benchmark for Powered Loudspeaker Management Systems.


  • Lake digital signal processing for unparalleled loudspeaker management and system control
  • Integrated dual redundant Dante digital audio networking with AES67 support
  • Proven and reliable Class-TD output stage with proprietary Intercooler high-efficiency cooling system
  • Rational Power Management (RPM) provides total flexibility to allocate available power across all 4 output channels
  • 4 x 2,000 Watts into 2 Ohms
  • 4 x 2,000 Watts into 4 Ohms
  • 4 x 1,500 Watts into 8 Ohms
  • 4 x 750 Watts into 16 Ohms
  • 4 x 2,000 Watts into Hi-Z 70 V
  • 4 x 2,000 Watts into Hi-Z 100 V

Now Shipping
PLM 8K44, with power amplifier Speakon
RRP A$13,999

PLM 8K44, with power amplifier binding post
RRP A$13,999

LAB.GRUPPEN: labgruppen.com
Australian Distributor: australismusic.com.au


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