inogeni share2U



15 June 2017

inogeni share2U

The Inogeni Share2 is a popular established as a “just works” two camera mixer and capture unit into USB 3.0 capable computers. It offers high quality visuals and responsive mixing capabilities, along with the ability to display in almost any VC/UC application on almost any platform. Inogeni improves on that by offering the Share2U. It can mix a combination of HDMI and USB based sources and gains the capability for control over IP making the device more flexible in control system programming. It also has a HDMI output.

Inogeni also introduces the CAM line of camera switching products. These allow us to taken in a wide range of signals (depending on version) and output to HDMI, USB3, or both. Inogeni has a proven history of providing products that allow near-instant switching of signals, and now we can apply that for dedicated switching purposes as well.

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