8 November 2019

Combines Cloud-based Mass Configuration, Mass Deployment, Enterprise Certifications and User-inspired, Ground-up Developed UI

Harman Professional Solutions announced today the debut of CloudworX Manager, the first application from its cloud-based CloudworX Software. The CloudworX platform is being developed to unify the configuration, deployment and monitoring of Harman professional audio, video, control and lighting systems. 

CloudworX Manager is browser-based, offering system integrators the ability to install, configure and maintain many devices, without having to configure those devices individually or locally at the device. Initial supported devices include the AMX by Harman Acendo Core meeting space collaboration system as well as AMX Acendo Book scheduling touch panels. These products may be configured and deployed by visiting cloudworx.harman.com. More devices are being scheduled for inclusion, in upcoming CloudworX releases.

Some of CloudworX Manager features include support for private or single sign-on accounts; comprehensive sorting, filtering and searching of discovered devices; simultaneous configuration of like or unlike devices; simple connection of local installations using CloudworX Gateway software; device firmware management; and template creation and deployment. 

CloudworX Manager is just the first chapter in the evolving CloudworX story. Future applications are being developed to offer additional design and management capabilities. All CloudworX applications will share the same support pillars – unifying disparate platforms into a single ecosystem, integrating the industry’s most reputable and well-regarded security protocols and delivering a resplendent, second to none user experience. 

One of the key objectives of the platform was to ensure a safe, secure and reliable environment that users feel confident and comfortable using. Harman achieved this trust by investing in the most respected protocols and certifications in the industry, including a secure platform built on Microsoft Azure and security compliance designed around Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Star Level I, GDPR, and ISO 27001 (Coming Q1 2020). 

Ensuring that users not only like but really love the CloudworX interface was also a paramount consideration. The development team built the interface from the ground up, so their first objective was to create a phenomenal user experience. They kicked off the project by spending many hours interviewing users to investigate and understand frustrations, unmet needs and satisfaction with existing solutions. User input was instrumental in creating an exceptional user environment that could continue to evolve with ongoing feedback.

“CloudworX Manager represents a first look at the power of the CloudworX platform.” said Iain Gregory, Director of Software, Harman Professional Solutions. “With a simple firmware update, CloudworX brings mass configuration to the existing Acendo Book and Acendo Core devices. As more products are supported and additional software applications are added to the suite, CloudworX will eliminate integration complexity and redefine the way that AV systems are configured, deployed and managed.”

Harman: pro.harman.com
Australian Distributor: avt.tech


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