29 July 2014

4k-Laser-Front copy

At the forefront of the 4K launches at InfoComm this year was Digital Projection’s Insight 4K Laser projector, delivering 12,000 lumens of solid state illumination – no consummables required – and 20,000 hours of lamp life. A single unit is able to project large, detailed images where previously edge blending two or more projectors would have been necessary. It can operate in portrait or landscape mode without any modifications, and offers full 4K 3D with dual HDMI and DVI inputs and advanced functionality including Adjustable Dark Time and Sync Offset for optimisation of ghosting and smooth grey scale for active glasses and polarisers. Engineered with a lightweight and rugged all-metal chassis, the Insight Laser 4K is less than half the size and weight of existing 4K projectors and will be shipping in the last quarter of the year with a full range of 4K lenses available to support different installation requirements. Applications include professional entertainment, worship and large-screen applications where image detail, stability and uniformity are critical.

Digital Projection: www.digitalprojection.co.uk

Australian distribution:
Amber Technology: 1800 251 367 or www.ambertech.com.au



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