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14 October 2013

Marshall Electronics QVW-2710


Kramer Electronics has introduced the KW−11, a wireless high definition transmitter/receiver set that sends the HDMI signal wirelessly up to 12 meters. Using WHDI technology, the KW−11T transmitter converts the HDMI signal into a wireless signal that it transmits to the KW−11R receiver. The KW−11R converts the wireless signal back into an HDMI signal. The units send the uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p @60Hz with zero latency. The KW−11 requires no line-of-sight and therefore can be installed discretely within the room. It features robust MIMO 5GHz technology, and a very secure AV link through its AES−128 encryption. The transmission of the wireless HDMI signal is compatible with any copy−protected HDCP content. EDID and CEC information is supported as well. Installation and operation requires no special configuration: simply connect the KW−11T with the AV source and the KW−11R with the display and the system is ready to go. Full information on all of the Kramer products can be found at www.kramerus.com


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