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dB Technologies IS Series

New passive installation for background music features coaxial cube speakers, larger 3-way speakers and subs; Phoenix plugs throughout range


19 April 2021

The new IS Series from dB Technologies is designed for high-quality background music, and to be unobtrusive and easy to install.

The IS4T, IS5T and IS6T are cube speakers designed for permanent installation. Equipped with coaxial components, they are simple compact cabinets that fit in everywhere. IS cube speakers install in a few minutes thanks to the dedicated bracket included in the package.

The larger, full-range elements are the IS25T and IS26T. Both are 3-way speakers equipped with two woofers and a 1-inch compression driver for high end. 2 different coverage options are available, with the two different coverage options providing respectively 60 x 90-degree or a 100 x 15-degree dispersion pattern, thanks to a waveguide, acts to turn the point source speaker into a line array. These two can either be flown, or stacked into arrays with the same accessories used with the VIO X205 and X206.

As for the lower end, IS series is comprised of two passive subwoofers, respectively equipped with a 1×8″ or a 1×12″ woofer. The compact size of both boxes is ideal when it comes to integrate a low-end extension cabinet in a venue, without dragging too much attention to it.

All speakers are available in either a black or white finish.

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Issue 27