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Volaris Group Acquires DisplayNote Technologies

Supporting DisplayNote’s work to empower meeting and learning spaces for the world’s presenters, educators & learners.


6 July 2023

Volaris Group has announced its acquisition of DisplayNote Technologies, a wireless casting and video transmission technology company. This acquisition will help accelerate DisplayNote’s mission to create connected experiences in meeting rooms and learning spaces worldwide. Volaris’ steadfast ‘buy and hold forever’ approach to acquisitions helps DisplayNote continue to realise its vision of enriching every meeting room and learning space with its advanced technology.

Rob Turner, Group Leader at Volaris Group, shared his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Our decision to acquire DisplayNote was driven by their customer-first approach and culture of innovation, underpinned by industry-leading technology. Their vision of strong long-term customer relationships and industry leading innovation aligns with ours, helping position both Volaris and DisplayNote for continued growth.”

Paul Brown, CEO of DisplayNote, also expressed his views on this pivotal development. “With Volaris, DisplayNote has found a home that shares our vision and helps us continue to support and expand our customer and partner ecosystem, whilst still innovating and growing the DisplayNote team.”

Importantly, DisplayNote’s journey of innovation and customer dedication continues. Customers can expect the same level of commitment to providing high-quality products and services and will see the same familiar faces leading the way”.

By leveraging Volaris’ extensive resources, this acquisition supports DisplayNote in their mission to transform the way we interact and collaborate within business and educational environments.

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Issue 27