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Countryman Debuts A3 Halo Gooseneck Microphone


26 June 2019

Countryman Associates introduces the A3 Halo Gooseneck Microphone. Based the A3 Podium Microphone, the A3 Halo includes an ultrabright LED indicator ring and a unique dual-element design to deliver superior sound quality. The dual-element design allows for a switch-selectable omnidirectional, cardioid, or hypercardioid polar pattern, excellent vibration rejection, and wind noise reduction. 

Key among the A3 Halo Gooseneck Microphone’s feature set is Active Plus Vibration Cancellation. Active Plus Vibration Cancellation dramatically reduces table thumps and microphone handling noise without the need for shock mounting [Can confirm its amazing from Infocomm testing – Ed] — making it ideal for historic buildings and flexible seating spaces.  The innovative in-mic jumper system enables installers to reconfigure the pins of the A3 Halo’s XLR5 to match most common halo gooseneck configurations without the need for system rewiring.

In order to ensure the best overall sound quality, users will certainly appreciate the A3 Halo Gooseneck Microphone’s screw-on multistage windscreen and RF protection. With a choice of three lengths in a rugged semi-rigid design, the new A3 Halo Gooseneck Microphone is a versatile new addition to the company’s podium microphone offerings.

Chris Countryman, President of Countryman Associates, commented on the company’s new A3 Halo Gooseneck Microphone, “The versatility of the A3 Podium Microphone makes it a great fit for conference rooms, houses of worship, council chambers, and courtrooms. The active vibration cancellation eliminates the need for bulky shock mounts and the pattern switching is perfect for flexible spaces and changing needs. I’m very pleased that we can now offer the A3 Halo Podium Microphone to bring those features to applications which also require an indicator ring.”

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