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Easy Install Dante Ceiling Mic System From Audix


27 June 2019

Audix announces that they are adding the benefits of digital networking to their installed ceiling microphone line. The Audix Dante | AES67 integrated microphone system is an easy to install system that consists of two Dante | AES67 microphone interface models and RJ45-equipped versions of their M3 tri-element hanging microphone, the steerable, flush-mount M70 ceiling microphone, and the M55 hanging ceiling microphone.

High-quality audio and all microphone functions — including on-off contact closure and LED status indicators — are available through a single CAT5 – CAT7 cable with RJ45 connections at both interface and microphone. And the gain structures of all Audix RJ45-equipped analog microphones are optimised for their intended placement, providing quality audio at the DSP.

“Our Dante products function as a seamless system that allows fast, trouble-free, plug-and-play installation,” said Gene Houck, Director of Sales. “The keys to this simplicity are single-cable connectivity and Audix microphones equipped with RJ45 connectors. Together, these reduce clutter, minimise errors, and speed up installation.”

At the heart of the Audix Dante | AES67 Integrated Microphone System are the DN4 and DN43 microphone interface units. The DN4 features four inputs for Audix RJ45-equipped, single-element microphones; the DN43 features one microphone input specifically designed for the Audix M3 tri-element microphone, one input for Audix RJ45-equipped, single-element microphones.

Both interface models have two 5V logic outputs per port, with source/sink capability for LEDs that are controlled by network-connected DSPs and one logic input per single-element microphone port for buttons. Audio is streamed out over Ethernet using Dante or AES67 protocols. Low-pass and high-pass filter settings are available on each audio channel, as are eight selectable gain levels, with all settings configurable via software.

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