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21 January 2019

ClearOne COLLABORATE Space is a new cloud-based unified communications and collaboration (UCC) product.

“Collaborate Space is the solution the commercial audiovisual industry has been waiting for,” said ClearOne Chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu. “It’s a suite that unifies messaging, calls, meetings and, perhaps most importantly, minds in a way that will energise workflows and increase productivity for everyone involved in the enterprise.”

Collaborate Space provides users with the ability to make calls to landlines and mobile phones, as well as many other unified communications capabilities.

According to Hakimoglu, 2019 is going to be the year that the promise of unified communications becomes a mainstream reality and business opportunity for consultants and systems integrators involved in virtually every vertical market, from corporate to government, and all levels of education, particularly in distance learning.

“The integration of unified communications systems into workflows is going to accelerate dramatically in 2019 and deliver significant benefits to both users and the businesses that deploy these systems,” said Hakimoglu. “In fact, Gartner estimates global spending in unified communications will exceed $45 billion in the next few years. The new ClearOne Collaborate Space solution is ideally positioned to take advantage of all these developments and meet the needs of unified communications customers for years to come.”

ClearOne recently received the Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership. The recognition stemmed from Frost & Sullivan’s ongoing analysis of the unified communications and collaboration market, which cited ClearOne’s diverse collaboration product and services portfolio for its ability to cater to businesses of varying sizes, industries, and technology requirements with a high degree of customisation. 

With Collaborate Space, users can work together one-on-one, or in groups of hundreds, with integrated file sharing, searchable archives, and user presence information. They can connect with colleagues and contacts, via audio and video, with the most intuitive collaboration tools. Users can meet immediately or schedule a meeting and access a full suite of collaboration features, including file sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, chat, and meeting minutes.

Users can also create searchable public and private channels, organised by topic, which can be accessed from anywhere. They can also search, access and store agendas, notes, messages, documents, whiteboards, session recordings, and more. Finally, Collaborate Space runs on any device, from desktop to mobile, and on any standards-based video endpoint.

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Issue 25