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ClearOne Updates COLLABORATE Versa Lineup

Eight new bundled conferencing solutions are now available.


4 May 2023

ClearOne, a global market leader in conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions, has launched eight new Collaborate Versa packaged hardware systems to provide optimised audio and video performance for conference rooms and personal office spaces. According to ClearOne CEO Derek Graham, the updated lineup of bundled solutions empowers businesses of all sizes and means to leverage powerful conferencing capabilities that include automatic voice tracking, face tracking and echo cancellation.

“The new lineup of Collaborate Versa solutions offers an ideal package for every small-to-medium sized conferencing space or personal office, giving business owners and IT staff mission-specific options that ensure maximum value, utility and performance in any room,” Graham said. “Whether a company is upgrading technology in existing spaces, opening a new location or undergoing construction and design changes, these packaged solutions can help them quickly and efficiently deploy industry-leading audio and video quality combined with powerful special features that make hosting meetings easier than ever.”

One of the most powerful solutions is the Collaborate Versa Room CT 160, which uses the USB audio-enabled Beamforming Ceiling Tile (BMA CT) microphone to bring cost-effective professional conferencing audio to medium and large-sized meeting rooms. The microphone array has an integrated two-channel amplifier that provides 20W of audio power and makes it as easy as possible to connect the two included in-ceiling speakers. The BMA CT delivers automatic echo cancellation, noise cancellation and adaptive microphone steering, while the UNITE 160 4K camera offers AI-controlled video auto-framing and smart face tracking with 12x optical zoom. The automatic tracking features keep the speaker or meeting host in the frame, and the powerful zoom creates greater flexibility for camera placement.

For spaces where camera zoom is less important and a wider angle is desired, buyers can deploy the Collaborate Versa Room CT, which offers the same audio excellence using the BMA CT but swaps in a UNITE 60 4K camera to capture a wider 120-degree field of view with 3x digital zoom. All automated functions are included as well.

For smaller rooms or personal offices, the Collaborate Versa 20 combines a 1080p UNITE 20 Pro Webcam with a CHAT 50 portable personal speakerphone to create an ultra-simple option that can even be used on-the-go. The 100 degree wide-angle camera can be secured onto any display or monitor using the included dampening clip. For rooms requiring ultimate simplicity and BYOD flexibility, the Collaborate Versa 20 Plus solution adds a Versa USB Hub that provides single USB connections for simple, ergonomic connection of peripheral devices to room PC or laptops.

The Collaborate Versa 160 solution gives small-to-medium rooms plug-and-play connectivity with high quality audio and HD video that enhance the BYOD meeting room experience. This solution combines the aforementioned UNITE 160 4K PTZ camera with a Versa USB Hub and the robust CHAT 150 speakerphone that is equally at home in a small conference room as in a personal or home office. To ensure every unique space has an optimised solution, the Collaborate Versa 60 also offers the CHAT 150 and Versa Hub but swaps out the UNITE 160 4K PTZ camera for the wide-angle UNITE 60 4K.

Collaborate Versa Pro 160 improves the BYOD experience in mid-sized conference rooms by adding professional quality audio and video. Comprising ClearOne’s Ceiling Microphone Array, CONVERGE Huddle DSP mixer and UNITE 160 4K PTZ camera, this solution improves BYOD experiences for flexible use rooms with AI processing that can track an individual or frame an entire group for perfect framing and focus. Spaces requiring a wider camera angle can be outfitted with the Collaborate Versa Pro 60, which offers the same audio quality paired with the wider field of view captured by the UNITE 60 4K camera.

ClearOne’s solutions are designed to support all leading collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Zoom and Webex.

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