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15 April 2014

Aviary Videotools


Following its preview of the AViary Video Tools Par4Keet 4K+ Video Player at InfoComm, TMB has launched the magpi 4x HD Video Player at this year’s NAB. Aviary Video Tools is a product family of real-time video players from Green Hippo. Simple to operate, models include Par4Keet 4K+, 2Kan 2K+, and magpi 4x HD. All are available with options featuring the video toolset originally developed for Hippotizer media servers. Housed in a rugged chassis, Magpi Video Player offers four independent streams of HD video, or six streams of SD video, with media feeds, real-time correction and trimming of clips, along with a host of other tools. Each output has independent real-time playback control, including colour correction, contrast, and aspect ratio as well as parameters such as speed, in and out points and geometry. Magpi offers video and audio file format support as well as real-time control via on-board timeline, or external protocols such as time-code and MIDI. An output-mapping toolbox removes the need for additional controllers or processors.



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