16 April 2014

MD DVMP being used for web


Discover Video announced its DV Mobile Projector (DVMP) system which receives live video input from virtually any source and delivers low frame rate live images to viewers.  DVMP only delivers images to viewers when there is something new to view. This is very different from conventional streaming technology where the live video is delivered all the time.  In a large venue, you would need many WiFi access points to have enough bandwidth to deliver live full motion audio/video (which can be done with Discover Video’s DEVOS).  With DVMP, if the source video does not change, no bandwidth is used to deliver images.  This makes the system highly scalable and limited only to available network bandwidth. The DVMP system is configurable. You can adjust the capture rate, the degree of motion to detect, the image output size, and more.  Settings are automatically saved.  You can use VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, Component, or Composite video inputs.  The system will automatically detect the input in use.


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