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12 January 2016


Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s fastest growing AV and systems integration exhibition, is to host a specialist half-day AV/IT Seminar Programme exploring the synergy between IT and AV technology. It is taking place on the last day of the 2016 exhibition and will examine how AV and IT convergence impacts upon our traditional understanding of installed networks and the requirement for increased technical and operational expertise for professionals operating in these sectors.

Stefani Renner and Dieter Michel will curate the AV/IT Seminar Programme, on behalf of ISE. Stefani Renner is a sound and video engineer and has 25 years of experience working as a journalist and technical consultant. Dieter Michel is a physicist and the editor of Media Technology and Systems Integration magazine. In addition to having 25 years’ experience as a technology journalist Michel also runs a measuring laboratory, which undertakes studies on displays, projectors and media technology.

The AV/IT Seminar Programme will seek to provide a mixture of presentations, tutorials and case studies from leading business consultants and educational experts. The programme will look to show IT professionals how modern media systems operate and to demonstrate to AV system planners and integrators how IT personnel in large companies run their departments and networks. It will combine sessions covering both the technical issues faced when specifying and building a network and the business considerations in securing adequate budget to make it happen.

Sessions include:
• AV Systems and IT: what you need to know about AV networks? Rolf Mayer and Volker Löwer: IFBcon
• Who owns the AV department? Creating a ‘Master Plan’ to secure investment. Harald Steindl: HST-Consulting
• Network based AV and IT Infrastructure for large-scale projects. Lutz Rathman: Riedel

Integrated Systems Events MD, Mike Blackman, commented: “This seminar programme helps to strengthen the positioning of AV and IT professionals in their respective fields and also to help create specialists operating in both. We believe this is part of the unique manner in which ISE can add value to the AV and IT sectors.”

The AV/IT Seminar Programme will take place on 12 February 2016 from 10.00 to 14.00 in room G104 in the RAI, Amsterdam, as part of ISE’s FRDY@ISE attendee and exhibitor event programme.

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