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Meyer Sound Redefines Point Source Technology with ULTRA-X80

The new ULTRA family flagship will make its debut.


7 June 2024

Meyer Sound will unveil ULTRA-X80, the most powerful member of the highly successful ULTRA family and a leap forward in point source loudspeaker technology.

The ULTRA-X80 versatile point source loudspeaker draws on both the acoustic lineage of the ULTRA family, including the ULTRA-X40 and ULTRA-X20, and technology innovations behind the groundbreaking PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeaker to provide unprecedented precision, power, and clarity in a compact, simple-to-deploy package.

Like any Meyer Sound loudspeaker, the ULTRA-X80’s focus on frequency response, phase coherence, and fidelity enables it to pair perfectly with products in the Meyer Sound ecosystem, for seamless sound at any scale. ULTRA-X80 and ULTRA-X82 offer analog and MILAN connectivity as standard; together, the ULTRA family, PANTHER, 2100-LFC, and the USW subwoofer family make up the most comprehensive range of MILAN-equipped loudspeakers on the market — all taking advantage of Meyer Sound’s award-winning Nebra integrated software platform.

“With ULTRA-X80, we are providing extraordinary power-to-size performance along with the kind of flexibility and simplicity of deployment that make a point source loudspeaker so versatile,” says Andy Davies, Meyer Sound’s Director of Product & Services. “With our ULTRA family, we’ve proven where we can take our acoustic innovations, and with PANTHER, we’ve shown that we can scale and deliver incredible power in a compact footprint. ULTRA-X80 represents the best of both worlds; it’s truly in a class all its own.”

ULTRA-X80 is an evolution of the ULTRA family’s innovative concentric-driver design, which couples two 12-inch neodymium-magnet cone drivers to a rotatable 95 x 40 degree waveguide coupled to a 4-inch high-frequency compression driver. This configuration ensures smooth response across the speaker’s range and exceptional directional control.

The ULTRA-X80 leverages Meyer Sound’s ultralight Class D amplifier technology to deliver a total linear peak output of 141 dB SPL in a cabinet weighing just 130 lb (59 kg). The result is a point source loudspeaker capable of providing the power, clarity, and performance of multiple line array loudspeakers in a single box.

For maximum flexibility in coverage, an ULTRA-X82 variant offers a more tightly focused 50 x 40 degree dispersion pattern. The ULTRA-X82 delivers a total linear peak output of 142 dB SPL.

Applications run the gamut from stadiums and arenas to theaters, houses of worship, music venues, performing arts centers, high-performance spatial applications, corporate AV, and more. ULTRA-X80’s sibling ULTRA-X82 provides even greater flexibility for those looking for targeted use cases.

“There are many high-SPL applications in the market where two, three, or four-box arrays have been stop-gap solutions because traditional point source products just couldn’t deliver the coverage and power needed,” says Davies. “ULTRA-X80 offers a much simpler, more cost-effective way of approaching those scenarios, without compromising on performance.”

“From live events to installs, this family of point source loudspeakers will provide customers with a way to reimagine solutions for a wide range of applications,” says John McMahon, Senior Vice President of Meyer Sound. “It’s more than just a new loudspeaker — it opens up all sorts of possibilities for the ultra-powerful, ULTRA family.”

Orders for the ULTRA-X80 and ULTRA-X82 are being accepted beginning mid-June, and the first shipments are expected in early 2025.

Attendees of InfoComm 2024 are invited to visit the Meyer Sound booth #C9701 in the Central Hall. In addition, live demonstrations of the ULTRA-X80 alongside other products across the range in traditional and spatial configurations will take place in Audio Demo Room #N209 (North Hall Level 2). Demos will run each day on odd hours.

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