31 January 2018

Atlona will introduce the AT-HDVS-SC-RX at ISE, its first HDBaseT receiver with Atlona CrystalScale Technology (ACT), a 4K scaling and video wall processing engine. In live demonstrations held at Stand 5-U80, guests will be able to compare the high-detail scaling power of the HDVS-SC-RX.  Also featured is the scaling receiver’s ability to drive high-resolution content across large video walls with exceptional ease and cost-efficiency. Its practical mix of an up and down scaler with high video quality, automatic display control and an HDBaseT signal receiver makes it an ideal solution for standalone displays in classrooms, huddle rooms and other meeting spaces.

The HDVS-SC-RX carries over the most pertinent features of its 1080p-only predecessor, the HDVS-200-RX, including image adjustment capability, audio de-embedding, and the ability to automatically match incoming signals to the display’s native resolution. For the first time, Atlona has engineered CrystalScale, the core signal processing engine to fully optimise image quality and switching performance. This includes new features to support mirror/flip and 90° image rotation, motion-adaptive video de-interlacing, 3:2 pull-down, aspect ratio control, and internal test pattern generation.

The CrystalScale engine really shines in corporate environments where complex, data-laden spreadsheets are presented. The premium scaler inside the HDVS-SC-RX makes a significant difference when showing small numbers and detailed graphs. The scaling receiver also adds a second HDMI input, allowing users to incorporate additional content from a local computer or wireless base. This offers yet another advantage for customers that want to drive impactful, high-resolution 4K and UHD content across larger flat-panel displays and video walls.

“Critical applications such as medical facilities and energy exploration require greater pixel density and colour sub-sampling,” said Steve Kolta, Product Manager, Signal Distribution, Atlona. “The HDVS-SC-RX offers a highly-refined scaling engine with 4K video wall processing, and eliminates the need to invest in customised solutions that have long deterred many users at the point of entry.”

The HDVS-SC-RX integrates cleanly with the HDVS-200 Series of switching transmitters (standard or wall plate) as well as Atlona matrix switchers and distribution amplifiers with HDBaseT outputs. When used with Atlona distribution amplifiers, customers can cost-efficiently scale the output architecture to support video walls of any size.

The HDVS-SC-RX can be remotely configured, managed and monitored over the Internet via the free Atlona Management System (AMS 2.0) network software platform, and integrates seamlessly with Atlona’s recently-related Velocity control system. The HDVS-SC-RX includes Atlona’s award-winning 10-year limited product warranty and customer support services.

Atlona: www.atlona.com
Australian Distributor: www.midwich.com.au


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