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Atlona’s OmniStream 2.0

Upgrade advances networked AV quality & performance.


24 May 2023

Atlona is raising the bar for visual quality, performance, and integration convenience in networked AV deployments with the launch of a powerful yet free upgrade for its OmniStream AV over IP platform. The new award-winning OmniStream 2.0 firmware adds support for 4K/60 video with 4:4:4 colour sampling alongside significantly i­mproved bitrate efficiency and integrated multiview processing capabilities. 

OmniStream 2.0 features the new VCx codec, enabling 4K/60 4:4:4 streams with artefact-free presentation of both computer-generated content and fast-motion video. Significant gains in coding efficiency — compared to the earlier-generation VC-2 codec — enable more HD streams over 1 Gigabit Ethernet networks, multiple 4K streams over 10 Gigabit switch-to-switch uplinks, and simultaneous 4K and HD over Gigabit Ethernet. VCx also offers ultra-low latency of less than 1 frame from encode to decode.

OmniStream 2.0 brings new multiview window processing, enabling the simultaneous display of multiple sources from OmniStream Pro encoders on one screen from an AT-OMNI-121 decoder. Bypassing the need for a dedicated, external multiview processor, this new functionality is ideal for settings such as lecture halls or auditoriums with overflow rooms, network operations centres, and multi-room monitoring applications. 

“While the previous VC-2 codec already delivered exceptional picture quality, 4K/60 4:4:4 support with the VCx codec preserves crucial detail in computer graphics presentations that are commonly used in corporate and educational AV applications,” said Paul Krizan, Product Manager, Networked AV, Atlona. “Combining these visual benefits with the new multiview capabilities significantly expands the range of use cases for which networked AV can be deployed.”

Additional key features in the OmniStream 2.0 technology update include ultra-fast switching between 4K/60 video streams; integrated Ethernet link testing between encoders and decoders; and the ability to preview video streams as thumbnails through Atlona’s Velocity AV control system or in the OmniStream web GUI.

The OmniStream 2.0 firmware is available in new OmniStream units and as a free firmware update for existing OmniStream Pro and R-Type hardware models except the AT-OMNI-122, preserving customers’ investments while letting them take advantage of the latest technological advances. OmniStream 2.0 users can choose between using the new VCx or earlier VC-2 codec, enabling compatibility and security updates for existing OmniStream deployments while letting customers transition to VCx at any time.

“We’re pleased to make such major technology updates available to our existing customers as a free upgrade,” added Krizan. “These enhancements will help the OmniStream platform continue to deliver exceptional value to users not only today, but well into the future.”

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