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15 April 2014

GenVI angle


LSC has introduced a new intelligent dimming and power distribution unit, the GenVI Advanced Dimming System.  The new GenVI Advanced Dimming System allows any of its outputs to be configured as an 8 bit or 16 bit dimmer or alternatively as a direct power relay channel. The TruPower technology, introduced to the market by LSC over 5 years ago, enables the user to set some channels on the GenVI to dim traditional lamps and others to power moving lights, LED fixtures, strobes, fans, video screens and even audio power amplifiers. GenVI as a dimmer includes Softpatch, colour touch-screen operation, RDM (for remote control and monitoring), Riggers control, local scene and chase replay and emergency backup scene. The TruPower circuits are true relay connection providing a direct power path to the load so they are safe for any type of connected load. GenVI is available in 12x13A, 12x16A and 6x25A configurations with a wide choice of power output connectors.

Australian Distributor: LSC Light Systems (03) 9702 8000 or www.lsclighting.com


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