2 New Barco Laser Products

Barco is extending its projection product line with two new laser projectors.


21 August 2020


The UDM is a small and ultra-light projector, less than 50kg,making it fast and easy to install. The quality of your projection and image outperforms the Rec. 709 colour space. And thanks to the Barco Insights system, you can keep track of your projector’s conditions via your browser. The new UDM-W19 features WUXGA resolution and 19,000 lumens light output to deliver impactful experiences.


The UDX series comprises some of the most compact high-brightness laser projectors with integrated cooling on the market. The reliable projectors bring stunning visuals to all types of venues and installations. The newest addition to the family is a true ‘light canon’ which can boost up to 45,000 lumens. Designed for projection mappings, the UDX-U45LC comes in UXGA resolution with a ‘squarer’ aspect ratio (4:3) to minimise light waste when projecting on 3D objects. It’s affordable and well suited to live events spectaculars, but also for permanent mappings in theme parks, sport arenas or museums.

Barco Australia: (03) 9646 5833 or barco.com


Both new projectors build on the reputable features of the existing UDX and UDM laser phosphor platforms including the 3-chip DLP technology for colour uniformity and stable high-quality performances in high-brightness applications.

The UDMs and UDXs share the same extensive list of available accessories, making the lives of your technical support team a little easier. There’s, for instance, the rugged motorised frame which allows for flexible stacking and quick remote positioning adjustments on the spot. Or the built-in fibre card solution to cover long-distance 4K signal distribution and get rid of redundant complexity.


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