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TDC & Barco At Vivid Sydney 2023

Capturing the beauty of our natural world with world-first deployment of laser projectors.


2 June 2023

The Beauty of our Natural World is presented in pristine pixel perfection at Vivid Sydney 2023 with the largest installation of laser projectors ever mounted in the Southern Hemisphere. In a world first, the astonishing array of over 150 laser projectors deployed throughout the festival by Technical Direction Company feature 30 state-of-the-art UDM-4K30 systems from visualisation technology leader, Barco from Belgium.

TDC’s fleet of over 150 laser projectors illuminate multiple sites across Vivid Sydney 2023, including projecting onto the HMAS Vampire Australia’s largest museum object — as well as Customs House, ASN Clocktower, and of course the Sydney Opera House. Each site displays visually spectacular artwork that focuses on this year’s ‘Vivid Sydney, Naturally’ title by celebrating the beauty of our natural world.

“Every year TDC evolves its technology offering and this year our project teams are very excited to be achieving a world first in laser projection,” said Michael Hassett, Founder & Managing Director at TDC. “The Barco technology has standout features including high brightness, low latency processing and a robust design — plus Barco is the only projection system that meets our requirements for colour uniformity, reduced power consumption and return on investment.

“Each year, we always provide manufacturers with some processing and operational suggestions for improvement in deployment which this year included low operational costs and monitoring using our TDC LiveView platform in order to operate the equipment from one central location. We are delighted to have that direct feedback included in the UDM-4K30 which visitors to Vivid Sydney will be the first to see in action anywhere.”

Vivid Sydney Festival Director, Gill Minervini added, “We always aim to improve the sensory experience for visitors to Vivid Sydney and one of the ways we do that is by partnering with technology experts like TDC. Experiencing the glorious vibrancy and fragility of our natural world has never been more important and we are thrilled that visitors are able to immerse themselves in the artworks deeper than ever before.”

Executive Vice President, Barco Immersive Experience, Erdem Soyal said, “We greatly value our longstanding partnership with TDC and are more than happy to integrate their customer feedback into the design of our technology. From all corners of the globe, we will be watching the results of this world-first deployment by the experts at TDC of the UDM-4K30 with great interest and wish everyone who visits Vivid Sydney the very richest of experiences.”

From Friday 26 of May to Saturday 17 of June Vivid Sydney will transform the Harbour City into an illuminating fusion of creativity, innovation, and technology. Now in its 13th year there are more than 300+ events and activations across Light, Music, Ideas, and — for the first time — Food.

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